Paul Karami


Paul Karami, the owner and head instructor at Family Karate Center, has been studying and teaching Martial Arts for 20 years. Through studying a variety of different martial arts Mr. Karami has developed an educational system that teaches not only the physical training of martial arts but also the mental development of important life skills, self-confidence, and individual strengths.

“When I was a kid I was amazed by the strength and discipline of martial artists, and I strived to be great like them. I started training as often as I could, and in time I reached all of my goals. I felt great, but something was missing. I started teaching and realized that helping others learn martial arts was much more fulfilling. Studying martial arts taught me countless valuable life skills, and teaching and sharing it with others instilled me with a sense of wealth and accomplished. Over the past years I have trained hundreds of students and I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their Martial Arts training. I hope to see you someday,

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